G&T Labour Solution is a one stop- shop, providing professional and reliable BBBEE Consulting solutions to small, medium and corporate companies.

As specialists in Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, we advise our clients how to maximize their BBBEE scorecard to increase their productivity and profitability.

For a monthly retainer fee you are entitled to our expert advice when you need it.

Further assistance will be provided to a client in addressing the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment legislation, contribute a considerable weighting on a BBBEE Balanced Scorecard and ensuring alignment with the Skills Development and Employment Equity Acts.

Our BBBEE specialists will manage the entire BBBEE process from strategic planning to independent verification, with our specialized program we will be able to a strategic plan with our client and update the strategic plan as we follow through the BBBEE process.

The specific requirements of each business is addressed accordingly and BBBEE strategies are customized by G&T Labour Solution in order to accommodate each company’s needs.

BBBEE Consulting and File compilation is a service where G&T Labour Solution provides a simple process to help companies comply with and develop their BBBEE Strategy. We will help companies understand “Where I am now “and “What must I do” to maintain or better the BBBEE Scorecard.

G&T Labour Solution clients pay a once-off joining fee and an affordable retainer to ensure an on-going BBBEE support throughout the year.

The Priority Elements and its sub requirements discounting effect will mean having to re-focus your strategies on the BBBEE elements.

  • Capture and Track

    With our system, we will be able to capture and track the process, as we go through the year.

  • Projection

    We can now work throughout the year and keep a good track record and will be able to project a possible score based on the project plan.

  • Strategic Planning

    We will also be able to create scenarios for your business, and plan the strategy and the way forward.